What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|SUM function in Calc gives  |Invalidly formatted numbers
                   |wrong answer                |fail to trigger #VALUE! in
                   |                            |formula; was:  SUM function
                   |                            |in Calc gives wrong answer

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Ok, I did as you suggested, and it works.

In my original spreadsheet (which is larger and more complicated) I even found
some zeroes which I definitely added by hand and not via "copy and paste" which
were not numbers. So there is a question about what happened to transform some
numbers into ascii characters.

So, the bug is that the sum of invalidly formatted numbers should give me
#VALUE! just as it does for you, and not a wrong answer if I use SUM(A1:A6) and
the right answer if I sum cell by cell.

A localization bug?

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