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This is not a bug. For SUM and other functions that take a cell range argument
that is defined to be a NumberSequence, cells with content of type Text by
definition are ignored. They are not to produce an error value. This is the
same in every major spreadsheet implementation.

In the case of the attached sample document, only cells A3 and B3 have a
content of type Number (0.0016177), the other cells have content of type Text
so are ignored.

Note that this is not about "invalidly formatted numbers" like the title says,
instead it is about the cell content *type*.

Also note that the behaviour of calculations with operator + and text strings
that look like numbers may depend on the current locale and its separators and
the settings under Tools -> Options -> Calc -> Formula, Detailed Calculation
Settings, conversion of text to numbers. My personal recommendation is to set
that under Custom to "Generate #VALUE! error" to spot data type problems early,
and specifically not use the "Convert also locale dependent" setting.

The leading apostrophe in '0,00456 displayed in the input line indicates that
the cell content is of type Text but could be interpreted as number (in the
current locale). Actually it can be converted to numeric content, for details

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