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> Invalidly formatted numbers fail to trigger #VALUE! in formula

But how to reproduce this? Do you have steps? 

For me, my locale decimal separator is ".", so:
A1: 1,2345
A2: 2,4567
A3: 1.1111
A4: =SUM(A1:A3)  --> 1.1111
A5: =A1+A2+A3    --> #VALUE!

As you can see, A1 and A2 are invalid numbers (for my locale). So:
1. SUM(A1:A3) results 1.1111, this is correct. I think MS Excel will get the
same result.
2. A1+A2+A3 results #VALUE!. This may also be correct and is expected.

The above will be the same if you type

and then you will get:
SUM(A1:A3) = 1 
A1+A2+A3 = #VALUE!

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