Hi all,

Le 29/05/2013 23:35, Cor Nouws a écrit :
Rafael Dominguez wrote (20-05-13 04:05)
I did the rest of them already, ill push it tomorrow and ill send you a
msg after, so you can test it.

Hi Rafael,

Just to make sure that I didn't miss anything: did you already have a
change to push the work?

As a reminder, the implementation started by Raphael seems :
- complicated to code (OS specific)
- difficult to maintain (because of OS specific)
- not the best UX

If it's still not implemented, why not switch to another solution:
--> after the OpenFile picker, just add a dialog to ask user what he wants to do (open template or create a new doc from template).

This solution is :
- much easier to implement (I suppose it should be few lines of code)
- easy to maintain (std VCL code)
- a good UX (confirmed by Cedric and Mirek)



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