--- Comment #13 from Gerhard Weydt <> ---
@ 11: The deprecation notice should have appeared in the release notes for 6.0
from the very beginning. Now it's too late for many people who have already
updated and will not read the release notes again!
And the concept of migrating to Firebird has one capital flaw, as far as can be
seen at present: it supposes that all will work perfectly and without the least
error. We all know that this is wishful thinking, there has to be a possibility
to go back or have a copy of the old situation _and_ a practicable way to get
at least at the data, which the new version 6.1 of LibO does not offer. Even
then a user who encounters a problem when the migration is done cannot use his
database application, which is still bad enough.
Even for changes of much less importance it is indispensable to have a concept
for the case of problems arising. We cannot this change-over without that.
Lionel's statement, which just arrived, is therefore reassuring.

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