I have started* a Microsoft Works (.wps) document importer.  Since 
libwpd has been incorporated into three word processors, I thought I'd 
emulate the libwpd API to make it easy to implement support for Works.  
Then, it was necessary or convenient to copy and paste libwpd's source 
code.  Now, I'm seeing there is a lot of copying, pasting, and renaming 
strings like "WP" to "WPS."  To avoid forking what has turned out to be 
an increasing amount of  code, any thoughts on consolidating efforts?


* I am able to dump plain text from Works 4 and 7/8 formats.  Also, I 
have some progress on page and character formats in Works 4, which is 
apparently the most popular of the Works formats.  But I don't have any 
source code worth showing.

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