Fridrich Strba wrote:
> I definitely think that this interest that the M$ Works converter has
> already is justifying to submit for a new project (libwps?).
My project was approved.  There's not much there yet since I don't have 
much time at the moment, and I'm pondering the best way to setup SVN/CVS 
since I'm basically maintaining a patch against libwpd.  Hmm.  Anyway, 
I'm glad to accept patches in the tracker.
> I promis that if the library is stable enough, even with limited
> converted features, I will try to do my best to get it integrated into
> OOo. 
Thank you.  By the way, I did have a small, positive discussion on the 
OOo development list[1].  Also, I was thinking I'd like to try getting 
the code into Abiword first since it is cross-platform and seems to have 
a more agile development.  I'd like to make the code easy for end-users 
to test early on.


> Would nevertheless prefer to have libwpd dealing with WordPerfect
> file-format only.
Do you consider the patch I posted against libwpd an example of that?  
Or are you suggesting I rip out all the WordPerfect-specific code out of 
libwpd?  I prefer the former since it's simpler and less work.


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