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Andrew Ziem wrote:
> Thank you.  By the way, I did have a small, positive discussion on the 
> OOo development list[1].  Also, I was thinking I'd like to try getting 
> the code into Abiword first since it is cross-platform and seems to have 
> a more agile development.  I'd like to make the code easy for end-users 
> to test early on.
> [1] http://www.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=dev&msgNo=17473

The advice of Caolan McNamara is something that one always values a lot.
It is basically him that wrote the OOo M$ Word import filter, so he
knows quite a bit.
For plugin in AbiWord, ping uwog at #irc.gimp.org. He needs to be poked
from time to time so that he does not become idle :-P

>> Would nevertheless prefer to have libwpd dealing with WordPerfect
>> file-format only.
> Do you consider the patch I posted against libwpd an example of that?  
> Or are you suggesting I rip out all the WordPerfect-specific code out of 
> libwpd?  I prefer the former since it's simpler and less work.

Myself, I do not have any problem about you using libwpd as dependency.
the WPXHLListenerImpl class and the depending classes WPXProperty* and
WPXString are of general use and interest. I encourage you to use them.
What I was referring to is that if the discussion about the M$ Works
file-format becomes more specific, it would be nice to have a separate
project / mailing list. I will gladly subscribe it if I can be of any help.



P.S.: Could not test your code since I do not have any Works copy
running anywhere. Using mainly GNU/Linux :-)
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