Hi all,
apologies if this is not the right list to ask. I have a situation where I am not sure if there is an open source licence which does what I want. I have a database which serves as the base for algorithms infer conclusions from it. Some of these algorithms are well known, but there is still innovation in the area. Without the data though it is pointless or impossible to write algorithms. Larger collections of such data are not common and cannot easily be built. I would like to publish my database under an open source licence and I would want to things to be enforced: a) derived versions of the database (extended, error corrected etc.) must be under the same licence again (this could be done by using the Open Data Commons Open Database License, I think) and b) software incorporating the database must be under an open source licence as well. The second bit is the tricky one, I think. Is there a solution to this or is the whole idea rubbish? I want to make sure that people do not just take my database, put a well known algorithm round it and sell it. I think this is a reasonable idea, but I am unsure if it could be enforced via a licence.
Do you have any ideas about this? Please tell me if you believe my thinking is flawed.
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