Hi Jonas,

On Sep 30, 8:05 pm, Jonas Bonér <jbo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Martin and Philipp.
> Thanks for your email. What you are saying sounds great. I love Scala
> Actors and I know its an important thing that brings people over to
> Scala.
> I hope that I didn't offend you. You have done amazing things with and
> for Scala. I really respect you guys.
> But I saw and felt the need for something like Akka and went away and build 
> it.
I think you have done a great thing with Akka, and I'm very glad you
did it! That's precisely the strength of Scala that experts can build
great libraries and high-level domain specific languages on it. I
really like where you are taking Akka, and I hope it will be very

As I wrote before, we are not at all defensive about our own actor
library. I think Scala actors are very useful for lots of people who
need easy and performant support for concurrent programs. If you need
to take it further (such as remoting, supervising, persistence), there
might be other more complete systems like Akka that can pick up there
and provide these things. We at EPFL simply do not have the
contributor base to do that ourselves, and that's also not our
mission, I think. We need to concentrate on core language, tools, and
some core libraries (if there's nobody else doing those). So I see
Akka as a very important upgrade path from simple multicore
concurrency to robust distributed systems. And I hope that other
people will do the same in other areas, such as I/O, serialization,
graphics, and so on.
If we can collaborate on those, great, but if people find it easier to
do their own thing, that's also perfectly fine.

The only thing I am asking is to avoid confusion to outside people. Be
clear what role you API serves, how it is different from others. Avoid
using the same name for different things.


 -- Martin
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