On 19/09/16 13:29, Simon Albrecht wrote:
> On 19.09.2016 14:17, Knut Petersen wrote:
>> Hi everybody!
>> As far as I understand after \bar "" a \break is permitted in the
>> middle of a bar.
>> Lilypond is supposed to engrave the next barline at the proper place.
>> At the marked places ( FIXME/ BUG) in the attached score lilypond
>> needs to be
>> forced to print a barline ... I think this is a bug, although it's
>> also possible that I
>> missed something in the docs.
> Sorry, Knut, but this is a totally inacceptable report. It’s not clear
> what you want,

Sorry Simon, but I think it is *extremely* clear what his problem is.
Let me give you a minimal example ...

c2 \bar "" \break c2 c4

That should be two bars with a barline in the middle. And Knut is not
getting that middle barline. THAT is what is wrong with the output.

 and you come up with an example of 300+ lines of code.
> (Re)read <http://lilypond.org/tiny-examples.html>. For bug reports,
> minimal examples are strictly required.
> Also, we have a dedicated bug list <mailto:bug-lilyp...@gnu.org>. Please
> repost there.

I'm not a betting man, but it would not surprise me in the slightest if
my minimal example works correctly. That's down to Knut to test :-)

But Knut said it was WIP, and I've had plenty of trouble where fixing an
(apparently) unrelated problem has fixed weirdos.

So, Knut, check whether my minimal example works, fix the warnings in
your WIP, and see if the problem goes away. It's my guess it's actually
something else interfering.
> Best, Simon

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