On 19.09.2016 17:12, Wols Lists wrote:
On 19/09/16 13:29, Simon Albrecht wrote:
On 19.09.2016 14:17, Knut Petersen wrote:
Hi everybody!

As far as I understand after \bar "" a \break is permitted in the
middle of a bar.
Lilypond is supposed to engrave the next barline at the proper place.

At the marked places ( FIXME/ BUG) in the attached score lilypond
needs to be
forced to print a barline ... I think this is a bug, although it's
also possible that I
missed something in the docs.

Sorry, Knut, but this is a totally inacceptable report. It’s not clear
what you want,
Sorry Simon, but I think it is*extremely*  clear what his problem is.
Let me give you a minimal example ...

c2 \bar "" \break c2 c4

That should be two bars with a barline in the middle. And Knut is not
getting that middle barline. THAT is what is wrong with the output.

A minimal example still needs to be complete and compilable. I can’t think of any time signature where
c2 \bar "" \break c2 c4
would give you a total of ‘two bars with a barline in the middle’. It amounts to five quarter notes’ duration – how’s that supposed to have a barline ‘in the middle’?

Best, Simon

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