Am 10.08.2018 um 21:42 schrieb Galen Menzel:
Hi all,

I have a score in which the following measure renders nicely when only the piano line is given:

However, when the vocal line is also given, the slurs above the bass-clef g eighth notes become very hard to see:

Presumably the vocal line alters the spacing of the bass-clef notes, putting enough space between them that lilypond decides to use smaller ties that fit between the note heads, rather than larger ties that span the tops of the note heads. But in this case I find the smaller ties look worse. Is there a simple way to direct lilypond to use the larger ties here?

Slightly off-topic but maybe helpful:

I would not notate the left hand rhythm as

4. 8~ 8 8~ 8 8

but as

4. 8~ 8 4 8

That’s easier to read for the player.

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