On 11 Aug 2018, at 10:33, David Kastrup wrote:

> "Galen Menzel" <galen.men...@utexas.edu> writes:
>> On 11 Aug 2018, at 1:23, Torsten Hämmerle wrote:
>>> This is just to explain how the penalty system works for finding the
>>> optimum
>>> solution among several possibilities, but of course the best way is
>>> to say
>>> "I definitely do not want ties shorter than min-length!" is simply
>>> setting
>>> Tie.details.min-length.
>> Hi Thorsten — thanks for this excellent explanation! It definitely
>> makes things clearer. To avoid unintended consequences of futzing I’ve
>> ended up just briefly adjusting the ties as follows:
>>     \override Tie.details.min-length=#3
>>     g4. g8~g g~g g
>>     \revert Tie.details.min-length
>> Thanks for all the help!
> I'd recommend using \temporary \override here since then the \revert
> will restore any preexisting value.  That makes such a passage work
> better as a "black box" for copy&paste and/or in music functions.

Great tip — thank you!


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