Galen Menzel wrote
> Just so I understand, it seems that Tie.details.min-length cannot 
> influence note spacing. What does it influence other than this specific 
> case that I am asking about here?

Hi Galen,

By the way: I also stumbled over the fact that min-length is not listed
among the details default values shown in the internals documentation.

How come? This is because it is not there initially and therefore is not
listed as a default value.
In these cases, a hard coded value will be used instead (in this case, it's
#1, but you'll have to look into the coding). The full overview of available
properties can be found in the tie-interface documentation as described by
David (N).

*What does min-length actually do?*
I really does not influence note spacing, this is only about the choosing
the "best" of several possible tie configurations. Just a few examples:
There is a relationship between height and length of a tie, it may go in
between stave lines or not, in between noteheads or not etc.
Lilypond plays around with several possible solutions, adds up penalty
values and finally picks the solution with the lowest number of penalty
points, i.e. the optimal solution.

Taking this into account, there is /yet another way/ for avoiding these tiny
ties: just increase the penalty value for min-length ties, thus making them
very unattractive:

  \override Tie.details.min-length-penalty-factor = #1000 (default: 26)

This will make all tie configurations with very short (min-length) ties very
unattractive and LilyPond will favour any other solution.
You may look at all the *_penalty values in the details list to get an idea.
When LilyPond has to decide between "knit or chair", it will pick the one
that does the least harm (sorry, Thomas).

This is just to explain how the penalty system works for finding the optimum
solution among several possibilities, but of course the best way is to say
"I definitely do not want ties shorter than min-length!" is simply setting


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