Well, then I guess that your definition of porn and my definition of porn
are a bit different, if to say the least (sorry, but I don't see a girl
wearing some T-shirt and underpants or a swimming suit as "porn"), and I
am sure that it wouldn't renew anything to your sister either. Watch her
not getting into real porn sites (even by mistake, by missing a letter or
two) - that is more important. If you bothered to take a look at the site
- it's a site that *sells* that T-shirt, both for men or for women.

Whatsoever, it has nothing to do (at least in my case) to this mailing
list being "mostly" controled by men, and this was not an issue I considered
in advance when sending it. I considered sending the link for the male
version of it, but the picture there looked quite lame. There are no "ego"
feelings here.

I guess that the linux chicks made less noise (=there was no noise) for a
reason (I guess that tux does look better).

And once again, I am sorry in advance, if I heart anybody's feeling
showing a woman with a BSOD T-shirt (and underpants, ok).

On Tue, 26 Nov 2002, Orna Agmon wrote:

> Adir, I want my 13 year old sister to subscribe to this mailing list.
>  And I certainly do not want porn (no, not even light porn) to arrive to her
> mail-box because of that.
> Point for you to think about it: would you have considered posting this
> link had Haifux been consisted mostly of females?
> On Tue, 26 Nov 2002, Adir Abraham wrote:
> > Now for sale, in http://www.errorwear.com/picmonth-february.html
> > Enjoy :-)
> >
> >
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