Well, simply, the systems don't work the same way.

You can repoint the daisy chain of cable that is in your house to the new
device, but the cables do something different.


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> At 05:30 PM 16/09/2016, Narelle wrote:
> >Personally, I like the idea of a simple set of instructions to help you
> >reconnect the wiring to a break "up"/out box that you then plug everything
> >into. Surely given it aint 12VDC any more should mean no-one gets hurt...
> ?
> Thanks for all that, Narelle.
> I just don't understand why they can't put the twisted pair that is
> already strung through the house into the 'box' they are putting in the
> wall where the phone is going to connect. I have four phone points that I
> use and 2 extras just because (a bedroom and the garage).
> Is it about the ringer? The lack or wrong sort of voltage?
> I don't understand why they didn't just engineer the system properly.
> Of course I'll probably never have to worry about it. Just checked my
> address again. Still not on the schedule. No NBN in sight. When did this
> project start?
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