Thanks for chasing this up, Narelle.

On 2016-09-16 17:30 Narelle  wrote:

> Okay - here is what I've determined is the official position.
> nbn have released the document:
> Official line:
> A standard installation of nbn™ equipment allows you to plug a landline phone 
> directly into the nbn™ connection box.  If you want to keep using any of the 
> existing phone sockets in your place, rewiring will be needed.  In this case, 
> you’ll need to:
> • Consider which sockets you’d like the nbn™ network connected to
> • Contact a phone or internet provider or a registered cabler and ask for a 
> quote on the cost of the internal wiring.

My reading indicates all that _only_ applies to FTTP installations.  FTTN 
installations have no "connection box" supplied by NBN Co. and that's where the 
problem begins.

When an FTTN installation is cut over, the user's POTS service disappears, a 
VDSL2 signal appears on the wire (perhaps an unusable one due to loading by the 
house wiring), and after that it's not an NBN Co. problem.  Thank you, Malcolm.

What do I plug my telephone into?  A modem.
What modem?  That's your problem.
What about the other 'phones I have scattered around the house?  Shrug!

David L.
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