> On 10/08/17 09:10, Jan Whitaker wrote:
>>> I'm in a twitter argument with him. He doesn't understand technology. 
>>> Please come and help out, set him straight.   @1petermartin

At 2:06 PM +1000 10/8/17, Kim Holburn wrote:
>How many years now have the Libs been managing the NBN?  If the Labor plan was 
>so bad that it couldn't be fixed the government could have canned the whole 
>thing.  Surely the great economic managers could have fixed what was wrong in 
>the last x years that they have had *complete* responsibility for it, but no, 
>it's Labor's fault?  Peter Martin has gone full stupid on this.

Over the last year, I've felt Martin's material to be a mixed bag.  

He wrote a couple of things early on in the debate on the Census debacle that 
had me scratching my head a bit.  And later he wrote a couple of things that 
were very clear explanations of important arguments (which happened to align 
with my analysis, so I was of course inclined to applaud).

So it may be that he trips gaily into areas that are (for him) new ones, takes 
a little while to assimilate the potentially large large volume of potentially 
very confusing material that's gone before (including, in many cases, active 
disinformation), and meanwhile keeps churning out the wordage that his position 
and editor demand.

If he's still got his sense of humour and antennae intact after the current 
fracas, he may write some much better things over the coming months.

Meanwhile, another one of those memes has re-emerged in the Cloud Cuckoo Land 
that is contemporary US politics:

Maybe Americans don't need fast home Internet service, FCC suggests
>Americans might not need a fast home Internet connection, the Federal 
>Communications Commission suggests in a new document. Instead, mobile Internet 
>via a smartphone might be all people need.

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