Several good responses, perhaps disjoint. Summary at end.

On 09/20/2016 03:35 PM, Michel Beaulieu wrote:
> Are you?
> A) logon to a Linux console, using linemode Linux? 
> or
> B) a CMS users that can access Linux? 
> --
> What kind of files are we talking about:  standard ASCII files or something 
> else. 
> Do we have any translation issues between EBCDIC and ASCII? 
> ---
> Can the files be visible on NFS v3 (that is what z/VM support)?
> OpenVM anyone?
> ---
> Do you have any special need for security/encryption?

This would be high on my list, so I'm quoting Michel: try mounting Linux
filesystems to CMS using the _NFS client built-into OpenVM_. Works well.
Then you get XEDIT. Requires that the Linux guest have network and have
an NFS server. You would then mount selected Linux filesystems to CMS.

Brad mentioned the _SYSASCII console_. Requires CP privs (and HMC
access). Wish it were virtualized (like so that you could SSH to it). I
am sure there are resource constraints which have kept SSH-to-SYSASCII
from being developed because it's an obvious need-to-implement feature.

Rogério suggested IUCV. This is a great idea and doesn't require CP
privs, but does require another Linux guest. SSH to that guest and then
'iucvconn' to the target. Attach point on the target can be kernel space
or user space. (Am leaving out a lot of details.) The _IUCV terminal
service_ is excellent, well tested, highly secure, based on solid
reliable tech.

Like Marcy said, you can probably get by with minimal 'sed' from the
v-console until you have your network back. (This has been my
experience.) Harley also suggested 'sed', but it's not your only option.
(combine that with 'awk' and 'grep'; see below)

Mark mentioned 'ed'. I don't know it and have avoided it just because
memories of 'edlin' aren't all that pleasant. But if one expects to be
in a line-mode context then that's the right tool.

Mauro gave you the power combo: awk, sed, grep. Not CMS Pipelines, but
together they're pretty handy. However, 3270 itself is not the problem.
The line-mode effect is that CP presents the guest with a 3215
typewriter. (keep reading)

Linux /does have/ a _3270 full-screen driver_. 'vi' will display on it.
Input will be difficult. Way more complicated then we want to talk about
here, but fun.

And somehow I don't think I've answered your question, which is the
"best".   :-(

-- R; <><

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