Hi Chris,
The kernel version that I test is "4.4.0-89-generic" as I tested on ubuntu lxd 
If I
want to change the kernel version I have to upgrade the host box.

As you suggest the rsync to  compare the subvolumes. I found the point.
the subvolumes are different only after I start to del old subvolumes on 
machine A 
the steps are

30 08 * * * root /root/script/backup/backupsnap.sh root password
/var/lib/mariadb/mysql >> /var/log/btrfs_snap.log
05 09 * * * root /root/script/backupbtrfs_inc.sh /var/lib/mariadb
/var/lib/mariadb >> /var/log/btrfs_send.log
30 19 * * * root /root/script/delete_btrfs_sub_snap_volume.sh /var/lib/mariadb 
7 >>

The following script maintain snapshot to currently only 7 snapshots.
[root@backuplogC7 ~]# cat /root/script/delete_btrfs_sub_snap_volume.sh
havecount=`btrfs sub list -s ${basepath}|cut -d' ' -f14|wc -l`
datet=$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M)
echo "Start Delete ${datet}"
if [ $delcount -lt 0 ]; then
# list only snapshot subvolume
for i in `btrfs sub list -s ${basepath}|cut -d' ' -f14|head ${delcount}`
        echo "btrfs sub delete ${basepath}/$i"
        btrfs sub delete ${basepath}/$i
        btrfs sub sync ${basepath}
        echo "$delcount -gt 0 nothing to delete"
echo "Stop Delete ${datet}"

Does it mean my delete script is not the properly way of the btrfs purge old
snapshot on source?

Best Regards,

Siranee Jarwachirakul.

> On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 12:36 AM,  <siranee...@tpc.co.th> wrote:
>>   488  btrfs sub snap mysql_201707230830 mysql
>>   489  systemctl start mariadb
>>   490  btrfs sub list .
>>   491  cat /var/log/mariadb/mariadb.log
> OK so mysql_201707230830 once on machine B is inconsistent somehow. So
> the questions I have are:
> Is mysql_201707230830 on machine A really identical to
> mysql_201707230830 on machine B? You can do an rsync -anc (double
> check those options) which should independently check whether those
> two subvolumes are in fact identical. The -n is a no op, which doesn't
> really matter much because as read only subvolumes any attempt to sync
> will just result in noisy messages. The -c causes rsync to do its own
> checksum verification on both sides.
> If the subvolumes are different, we need to find out why.
> If the subvolumes are the same, then I wonder if you can reproduce the
> mariadb complaint on machine A merely by making a rw snapshot of
> mysql_201707230830 and trying to start it. If so, then it's not a send
> receive problem, it sounds like the snapshot itself is inconsistent,
> maybe mariadb hasn't actually completely closed out the database at
> the time the read only snapshot was taken? I'm not sure.
> If the subvolumes are different, I'm going to recommend updating at
> least the btrfs-progs because 4.4 is kinda old at this point. The
> kernel code is what's mainly responsible for the send stream, and the
> user space code is mainly responsible for receiving. And I don't off
> hand know or want to look up all the send receive changes between 4.4
> and 4.12 to speculate on whether this is has already been fixed.
> What's the kernel version?
> --
> Chris Murphy

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