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> > (Which up to now I thought was basic programming knowledge...)
> By the way:
> Run time environments still exist where the size of a pointer can
> be also just one byte, don't they?

In the context of the Linux kernel: No.

[ Side note: there might be some DSP out there with a running Linux
kernel which cannot really address a "byte" (meaning 8bits) but only in
register sized quantities (and also aligned for that). But no one cares
here really deeply as that is a so fundamental difference that the C-
compiler must cope with that anyways in the first place. ]

> > See above. At the moment _any_ test result from your side would do.
> I imagine that another single result might not be representative.

Publish not only results but also everything (complete!) so that anyone
can *easily* follow it to check and reproduce the results - especially
if you want people with knowledge of other architectures to comment
(otherwise they probably won't bother).

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