On 10/17/2016 04:30 PM, SF Markus Elfring wrote:
Am I the only software developer so far who would dare to reconsider
implementation details from three status functions?


Thanks for this kind of promising feedback.

But we're waiting for you showing is that it is an improvement.

Can this aspect also be clarified to some degree from a logical point of view?

I sincerely doubt that.
We've discussed the logical implications already, and failed to come to a consensus. So we need some proof (as in: on this architecture I'm seeing this and that performance improvements).
Which you have to deliver.

* Would you really like to know under which circumstances data processing
  will be faster for a single character instead of using a string pointer
  and corresponding two characters?

It's not a problem of the interface, it's a problem of the resulting code (ie assembler output). We can discuss all we like, if the compiler decides to throw in an optimisation none of the arguments even apply.

* Do you care for a changed memory allocation characteristic?

* Will it occasionally be useful to avoid the storage for another string 

Occasionally: yes.
In this particular case: hardly.


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