On 17/10/16 16:46, Juri Lelli wrote:
Hi all,

this is a repost of version 7 of "CPUs capacity information for heterogeneous
systems" patchset [1] (please refer to previous postings to get some context).
I only added Juno r1 dts, as discussed off-line with Sudeep meanwhile (no code
changes at all, so that's why I'm saying this is a repost).

I'm reposting as I didn't receive any comment (despite pinging people) on the
original v7 posting (apart from Vincent acking patches 2 and 4, thanks!). I
then waited until merge window for 4.9 was closed.

I'm thus now assuming that everybody is OK with the patches and that they can
be queued for 4.10 (we certainly need this plumbing at this point). Please
speak if my assumption is wrong (and provide feedback! :).
Otherwise I'm going to:

 - use Russell's patching system for patches 2 and 8
 - ask Sudeep to pull patches 3,5,6 and 7

I have applied 3 to [1] and 5,6,7 to [2]. Let me know if things change
and you want me to drop them with some cosmetic subject change and
updated changelog.


[1] git.kernel.org/sudeep.holla/linux/h/vexpress-dt/for-next
[2] git.kernel.org/sudeep.holla/linux/h/juno-dt/for-next

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