Hi Murali,

Karicheri, Muralidharan wrote:
> Mauro,
> I have submitted the doc patch for review. But no comments so far.

It is very hard to track massive sets of individual patches. That's why
we offer some hosting space for developer trees at linuxtv website. This way,
we can better analyze such patches.

Due to the very high traffic of OMAP messages at the ML, and due to the large
number of versions OMAP patches are taking to be mature, and due to the fact
that all those patches require dedicated hardware that only the developers 
that are actually doing the work have for testing, I've opted to keep away
from such discussions and to mark every patch related to it at Patchwork 
as RFC, waiting for the patches to be more mature for me to review.

So, I'm basically trusting that one of you will do the sub-maintainers job of
adding the patches on a tree and asking me to pull. Currently, Sakari and
Hans have accounts at linuxtv that can be used for that purpose. You may
also host your -hg trees on any other place and ask me to pull from it.

If you (TI) think that you need another -hg account, feel free to send me a
private email for me to create it, but please don't ask me to dig into 
individual patches, since it won't scale.

In the specific case of the V4L/DVB timings API, if you think that the current
doc proposal is OK, please merge it with the patches into some -hg tree
and ask me to pull from it.

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