On 17/10/16 14:08, Ciprian Manea wrote:
> Hi Andre, 
>   Thanks for your answer!
> The thing is that there are a lot of libs&apps in the image and is
> bigger than the available RAM. 
> If there's no way to flash the eMMC through the sunxi tools, is there a
> way to boot over an USB storage device 
> and flash an image that is store on the USB storage to the eMMC ?

Yes, that's what I wanted to say in the first message.
You can either fully boot into Linux (for instance using an initrd,
root-over-NFS, root-on-SD card or root-on-USB) and do the flashing from
there. Or you do it from U-Boot as I described, with the same options,
If your image is bigger than the DRAM, you can still load in smaller
chunks in U-Boot and do the writing accordingly, though this sound
tedious to automate. I don't think U-Boot supports direct copying from
one medium to another.
Given that I think it might be easier to boot into Linux, because it
doesn't have that restriction (dd if=image.file of=/dev/mmcblk1) and is
also easier to automate.

>   And there are the phoenix tools. Are these of any use for flashing
> Linux images?

I have no idea, and frankly don't really care ;-)

But since you are the second person in two weeks asking me that, I think
there is some case for providing some GUI wrapper or at least some
wrapper script around sunxi-fel to tackle that use case.


> On Monday, 17 October 2016 12:49:36 UTC+2, Andre Przywara wrote:
>     Hi Ciprian,
>     On 17/10/16 11:13, Ciprian Manea wrote:
>     >
>     >  I'm using the Sinlinx SinA33 dev board, I connected it to my dev pc
>     > using the OTG cable, and I was able to boot it in the FEL mode.
>     >
>     > I used the sunxi tools (sunxi-fel more specifically ) to get BROM
>     > version and boot the board over usb.
>     > But is there a way to flash the onboard eMMC over the usb, using the
>     > sunxi tools ?
>     Not that I am aware of, and not sure if it's worth to pull in a MMC
>     driver via FEL (like we do with the much smaller SPI NOR flash code).
>     What I did last week was booting into U-Boot via FEL and using the mmc
>     command there to write the eMMC.
>     You can get data in via TFTP, USB storage (pen drive) or reading
>     from an
>     SD card, for instance. Of course you can also load the image via FEL.
>     This works easily when the amount to flash is not overly big (read:
>     fits
>     in DRAM easily).
>     So you do something like:
>     # tftpboot 0x50000000 emmc.img
>     # mmc write 0x50000000 0 <nr of sectors>
>     I think you can even automate this by some U-Boot environment magic (I
>     think sunxi-fel gained something for this lately).
>     I also enabled the md5sum command (which required some build system
>     changes) to make sure the transfer and flashing was sane.
>     Cheers,
>     Andre.

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