In general, I've always found APC to be poor value for money. To provide a proper solution, you need connectivity between your PC and the unit, to ensure a clean shutdown in times of extended power failure. This can limit your options, as there's limited software available - NUT and networkupstools spring to mind, and - just to shoot myself in the foot - there is dedicated software for APC.

The Libert PowerSure range may be of interest to you as an alternative, as would the smaller Eatons, plus a smaller one for the Router / wireless / switchgear if necessary.

On 06/08/17 12:06, Andrew Sands wrote:
List dwellers,

The less than satisfactory Dynamix 1000VA UPS that I had a Desktop box and LCD monitor connected to, has coughed its last and been scrapped. It worked to a fashion but I guess I got what I paid for.

Now, what I'm after are "real world recommendations" of what is a linux friendly device to procure as a replacement. That is, it must play nicely with the NUT suite.

I've applied my 'Google' skills and see a range in the marketplace, I'm already swayed toward APC but have seen EATON mentioned a few times.

What are people on this list using in SOHO applications, or are we now all laptops, tablets and smart-phones.

Andrew Sands
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