Bruno Haible <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> David Starner writes:
> > > Btw, what is the license of the unifont? Is it suitable for inclusion
> > > in XFree86?
> >
> > License was included:
> >
> > License:
> > All of my works you find here are freeware. ...
> It's not clear whether this license covers only your additions, or
> also Roman's original font. What is Roman's original license?

That was Roman's original license. I'm an American, and American laws do not
allow copyright on bitmap fonts. Any work I do on the Unifont is therefore
in the public domain. (You can take that as a license if you insist.) I've
included a number of large submissions without any attached license; I've
just assumed that if you were submitting it to the Unifont, you were doing
it under the Unifont's license, unless you said otherwise. (I didn't use the
glyphs from the guy who said otherwise.)

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