Today, having received a pair of SuperMicro AOC-SG-i2 NICs from the pfSense 
store, I asked about the applicable pfSense "offloading" settings (via the 
pfSense contact form).

Receiving an oblique (non-)response, I re-sent a query that included the 
following text:
[...] specifically, what should the pfSense settings be for:
- Hardware Checksum Offloading
- Hardware TCP Segmentation Offloading
- Hardware Large Receive Offloading

I.E., can each of these be enabled when using AOC-SG-i2 NICs?

With my current systems, segmentation and large receive offloads are disabled.  
I don't remember what the default was (and it's not stated on the configurator 
page) [...]

Understand that the configurator page has warnings about these capabilities 
being "... broken in some hardware drivers, ..." so, even though the NICs are 
spec'd to support these capabilities, there's still the question whether the 
drivers work properly [...]  That's the reason for my query.

To which I received the following response (an attitude that left me feeling 
considerably less enthusiastic about trying to support the project):
We do not provide pfSense support for these cards unless they are installed in 
a system we sell. My suggestion is to search the forums for the tuning you 

I know this is not the answer you desire but that is our official response.

For the record, I don't really consider these questions to be "support" ... 
just a clarification of the specs, which should be straightforward given that 
it's a 1-product organization (and would be best stated on the store's 

Does anyone know the answer to my questions about the various offloading 
settings that should be used with these cards?

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