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> For me, what happens after enabling or disabling those settings are
> immediately apparent.

I guess my approach w.r.t. a mailing list has always been that I'd like to help 
others avoid spending time learning something I can help with.  As such 
(paraphrasing) "try it and you'll see" isn't a response I'd give.  Of course, 
in absence of finding the answer in the documentation or via Mr. Google, we can 
always set up a test system and investigate (given the ominous warnings, I 
wouldn't have done so on a production system) ... but then why have the list?

On 2015-Mar-04, at 7:17 AM, Jim Thompson <j...@netgate.com> wrote:

> Answering any question post-sale is “support”.

Ah, so I should have asked _before_ ordering the NICs?  $;-)

>> Does anyone know the answer to my questions about the various offloading 
>> settings that should be used with these cards?
> LRO works by aggregating [...]
> In case it’s not clear by now, these settings are all *disabled* by default 
> in pfSense.

Thank you for an answer that nicely goes "above and beyond" my expected "(we) 
use these settings" response.

So your effort can be of maximum benefit, I've submitted a slightly 
edited/formatted version of this to be included in the WiKi's applicable 
pfSense documentation page.

Bryan D.

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