On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 2:05 AM, Marco <li...@homerow.info> wrote:
> We receive the interface network configuration on the WAN via DHCP.
> This works, however somehow our ISP or the modem pushes a domain
> name to the pfSense box which is undesirable.
> I assume that the DHCP client requests the domain name. I have set
> our domain name in
>   System → General Setup → Domain
> But it still keeps appearing in the network. So the solution would
> be to remove the “domain-name” part from the requests list. There is
> the form field
>   Interfaces → WAN → DHCP client configuration → Advanced → Request Options
> What I want to do is to remove “domain-name” from this list. But
> it's empty. Therefore I assume it's using some default values.
> How can I remove the “domain-name” from the DHCP request list
> without altering anything else? Or if this is the wrong approach,
> how to ignore the domain being pushed on the network by the ISP?
> Marco
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Where does it appear?  You can specify domain names on each interface
served by the pfSense DHCP server...
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