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Hi, marco?
Did you remove old dhcp leases on pfsense?

If you renew dhcp request on an already present client (in dhcp leases), the client will use the old lease (and all its options), so you'll not see your new configurations reflected.

Delete all leases from Status -> DHCP leases, restart dhcp service and retry ...

That's not necessary and would be incorrect behaviour if it were happening. I just confirmed here with my pfSense installation, new options are applied without removing the old lease in all expected cases, including the Domain Name field.

I tested via a Domain Name change against an automatic renewal and manual renewal, as well as a "release/renew" cycle; in all cases the client was aware of the new settings immediately after the DHCP operation completed.

Now admittedly some broken clients won't reflect all changes immediately; some of our VoIP phones will update DNS servers as soon as they renew, but won't update timezone information until the next reboot, but this is a client deficiency and nothing you do in pfSense (including removing the old lease) will make a difference, and it only causes issues on specific hardware, but if you capture and analyze the packets, you'll see correct data was sent by the DHCP server.

Dave Warren

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