On Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 2:29 PM, Todd Russell <truss...@sjasc.edu> wrote:
> Final update on this issue. When I took it down, I pulled the drive and
> started a Level 2 SpinRite on it while I took out and reseated the RAM then
> ran memtest. I found no errors in either test, so I also took out the Intel
> 4 port gigabit card and reseated that, then put everything back together.
> It has been running for a week straight now with no hiccups of any kind, so
> either the SpinRite forced the drive to correct some read errors or
> removing and reseating the RAM got around some dust or oxidation on the
> contacts. It wouldn't be the first time reseating the RAM cleared otherwise
> unexplainable issues with a machine for me, so I will assume that was the
> case. I wish I'd had time to run the memtest before and after reseating the
> Thanks to all for the feedback last week.
> Peace,
> Todd Russell
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> Saint Joseph Abbey and Seminary College
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I mean, even if that card was not inserted properly, you would have
had an issue.  You should have tested that ram before reseat, because
same thing there.  So many peoples comments here are just hearsay.
Hard-locks are usually bad hardware or incompatibility and in that
case you are usually happy when it is happening to get some kernel
messages/dumps that can help you out.  I am glad that you solved your
problem but is bad to make any conclusions that are not based on the
scientific method.
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