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> I agree with everything my brother said except recommending the Uniquiti
> EdgeSwitch.
> We have seen a few instances of the EdgeSwitch locking up without any
> apparent reason (once we traced it to a thermal issue, but we couldn't find
> a cause for the others).
> The EdgeSwitch also only has a 1 year warranty while the Netgear you
> mentioned has a Lifetime Warranty (for whatever that is worth).
> At (insert university name here) we were happily standardizing on Brocade
> ICX switches until we hit major OSPF firmware bugs. Dell N and S series are
> good, but also more expensive than that Netgear.

Thank you for the information.  Actually, having done some more searching, our 
budget could probably also stretch to getting a Cisco SG350X-48 switch instead 
of the Netgear.  Like the Netgear, it apparently features 48 1000Base-T ports 
plus two 10GBASE-T/SFP+ combo ports + 2 10GbE SFP+ ports.  So, port-wise, the 
same as the Netgear, but likely better firmware-wise/support.  (I have 
experience with the firmware of the Cisco SG350-28 model and really like its 
feature set.)


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