A 10GBASE-T port became available to us in our server rack.  The rack currently 
has a 20-node Hadoop cluster, each node having dual Intel i350 1000BASE-T NICs. 
 The Hadoop nodes connect to an old HP 2910al-48G 48-port GbE switch that, in 
turn, connects to an old Dell R310 server running pfSense that serves as the 
WAN gateway for the cluster.

It appears that the choice (not ours) of RJ45 for the 10 GbE provided for us in 
the rack will necessitate some equipment changes if we are to utilise the 10 
GbE connection.  Having done some investigation, I've decided the following 
changes are likely needed, and I would like to solicit from the list comment 
regarding any obvious blunders in the plan below:

1) I need a 10 GbE uplink capability from my switch to the pfSense gateway and 
also 10GBASE-T WAN connectivity from my pfSense gateway to the 10GBASE-T port 
in the rack.

2) The 10 GbE expansion options for the HP 2910al-48G are limited and I 
couldn't actually find any 10GBASE-T solutions (IIRC).  If I went for 10 GbE 
SFP+ in the HP 2910al-48G that would mean I would also need 10 GbE SFP+ 
capability in my pfSense gateway---likely meaning I would need two 10 GbE NICs 
(one SFP+ and one 10GBASE-T), which means...

3) It is probably cheaper (alas, we are on a budget) to buy a new switch to 
replace the HP 2910al-48G that includes 10GBASE-T uplink capability.  That 
would let me just have a single 10 GbE card for the pfSense gateway.  I think 
the Netgear GS752TX 52-port switch would be a good candidate as it includes two 
10GBASE-T ports in addition to the 48 1000BASE-T ports.

4) I am considering a Chelsio NIC for the 10GBASE-T WAN/LAN connections because 
I keep hearing these are the best-supported 10 GbE cards under FreeBSD.  I'd 
get a Chelsio T420-BT but these seem to be discontinued in favour of the 
Chelsio T520-BT.  Are there any better choices I should be considering?  Intel 

So, as I said earlier, are there any glaring problems in the above plan?  (Does 
it seem sensible?)  Or, alternatively, is there a much better solution that 
I've overlooked entirely?  Constructive criticism/input is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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