After messing around for much of the weekend and reading a bit here and
there I have made one small step to achieving my goal. Basically, I am
able to bound the DNS Resolver to the VPN interface by selecting it
under "Outgoing Network Interfaces". This all traffic goes through the
VPN tunnel, including DNS queries. Infact, when I go on,
I do not have any leaks and this is very positive.

The only problem is that when the VPN link fails, then I cannot resolve
DNS queries anymore on my LAN devices. So, what I need to do now, is
understand how I can achieve this automatically, i.e. when the VPN link
comes up, it tells the DNS Resolver to route through the VPN tunnel;
when the VPN link is down, it tells the DNS Resolver to route the DBS
queries through the LAN interface. Any suggestions?


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Il 03/05/2018 20:29, Antonio ha scritto:
> Hi folks,
> I'm trying to understand why I get DNS leaks. I am connecting to VPN
> italian server from UK and when I go to, the main
> page says I'm connecting from Italy but then, when I do the advanced or
> standard tests, these say I'm located in the UK.
> I have:
> 2.4.3-RELEASE (amd64)
> built on Mon Mar 26 18:02:04 CDT 2018
> FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p7
> Installed on a mini PC that is connected via WAN on a DLS modem (setup
> in pass through mode, not router mode). pfSense is acting as a DNS
> Resolver even though I have have OpenDNS set in the GENERAL tab (I
> believe these are not being used because I'm connected via DNS
> Resolver). Would it be best to configure pfSense as DNS FOrwarder?
> ALthough I'm not sure that this is going to resolve my DNS leak problem.
> All clients are confirgured with a DNS set to the IP of the pfSEnse
> machine. Any suggestions on what is the best way to configure DNS on
> pfSense where occasionally I fire up my OpenVPN connection?
> Many thanks

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