It feels like your Log4j configuration is not being used. I would:

- Use the latest version 2.8.2
- Turn on Log4j debugging in both your config file with status="DEBUG" and
also on the command line with "-Dlog4j.debug=true" (but I think this last
one might only work in 2.9-SNAPSHOT)


On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 12:16 PM, Michael Carman <>

> I'm having an odd problem and don't know where to look for troubleshooting
> purposes.
> I have an Eclipse RCP application. I'm attempting to transition logging
> from a file to a database (Oracle). When running my application via Eclipse
> events are logged to the database as expected. When running my application
> directly (i.e. after building) no log events appear in the database. I'm
> not seeing any (relevant) errors in either my application log or the
> Eclipse log. (My Log4j configuration has both file and database appenders
> defined.) I know that my connection to the database is working because
> other portions of my application make stored procedure calls and they're
> working.
> My first thought is that Log4j isn't committing after inserting new data.
> LOG4J2-438 <> appears to
> be
> about that exact issue, but it's marked as being fixed in 2.0-rc1; I'm
> running 2.7. Besides, that wouldn't explain why it works when running under
> Eclipse.
> Does anyone have any ideas about what might be wrong?
> -Mike

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