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> So I watched the Buffy film for the first time, and I don't see what
> you're all complaining about - or rather I do, but I don't care.
> Sure, the first 40 minutes are a bit painful, and the vampires are a bit
> daft, but I can see where we're going.  There's even some good banter in
> there and some truly excellent backflips by the end - it just takes that
> long for Buffy to turn into Buffy (rather than some Cordelia like
> creature)
> The one thing that gets me is that does anyone remember the trailer for
> this film?  I seem to remember this bit where Donald Sutherland throws a
> knife at Kirsy Swanson and she catches it between two palms in front
> of her head.  Now I didn't see this in the movie.  Does anyone else
> remember this?

sounds like someone needs to buy the DVD and see if it comes with
a cinema trailer

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