Quoting Mark Fowler ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):
> The one thing that gets me is that does anyone remember the trailer for
> this film?  I seem to remember this bit where Donald Sutherland throws a
> knife at Kirsy Swanson and she catches it between two palms in front
> of her head.  Now I didn't see this in the movie.  Does anyone else
> remember this?
This is normal for trailers of movies. I've worked in a cinema when I
was a student and was forcefed trailers, so couldn't help but noticing
it. Most US comedies have about 10 jokes, all of them in the trailer,
and about 8 in the actual movie. ;-)

There is a semi-valid reason for it, trailers are edited by different
people (apparently highly valued), and usually before the actual movie
is edited. Personally I try to avoid trailers and movie reviews, too many

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