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> My point being that sometimes they make up exciting bits purely for the
> trailers. Hmmm, doesn't this count as false advertising?

Sometimes they do.  Hell, there's a great trailer for Monty Python and
the Holy Grail which features all kinds of things that were never
intended for inclusion in the actual film.

On the other hand, often trailers contain scenes that are excised
before the movie actually comes out.  I just noticed one in the
trailer for High Fidelity, and said "hm... that's not in the film",
but then saw it in one of the deleted scenes on the dvd.

My least favorite example of this was in the trailer for the Al Pacino
film Sea of Love - there was a scene in the trailer that raised issues
that were what made me really want to see the film... but that stuff
didn't actually make it into the film... :-/


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