I posted something like this a couple of weeks ago, but Adam tells me
that they're looking for another person with a similar skillset. If
you're interested, contact Adam, not me.



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Hi Dave,

Thanks for agreeing to place the job role through the Perl Mongers web site.
As before the job details are below, I would appreciate is if you could
please keep the client confidential at this stage.  If you know anybody
personally who you may feel would like to know more about the job then
please put them in touch with me.

Thanks for your help, hopefully we'll grab lunch in a couple of weeks if
that's okay?

Best regards 


The skills are required for someone to look after the live data feeds:

Strong Perl (including DBI).
Strong UNIX.
Reasonable SQL, with a knowledge of Oracle (or similar DBMS).
Must know basics of HTML and XML.
Must understand CGI and have a good/ general web knowledge.
Knowledge of C would be good for the THM migration.

Java/JavaScript, etc skills are not necessary for feed work, although the
basics should be understood by any candidate.

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