Dave Cross <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> The skills are required for someone to look after the live data feeds:
> Strong Perl (including DBI).
> Strong UNIX.
> Reasonable SQL, with a knowledge of Oracle (or similar DBMS).
> Must know basics of HTML and XML.
> Must understand CGI and have a good/ general web knowledge.
> Knowledge of C would be good for the THM migration.
> Java/JavaScript, etc skills are not necessary for feed work, although the
> basics should be understood by any candidate.
> Adam Bassett
> Technical Consultant
> Maxim Group
> A Division of Aerotek Europe

Thought that sounded familiar, they phoned me about it. But want
references before they'll put me up for an interview and I'm damned if
I'm going to give 'em free sales leads. Say Dave, can I name you as a


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