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Sent: 04 January 2001 14:50
> * at 04/01 13:26 +0000 David Hodgkinson said:
> > 
> > It took me three bookshops on Charing Cross Road to get a 
> > perl library together for the guys I'm working with, but 
> > I managed it without having to go into Foyle's. Yeah!
> er, what's wrong with foyles if it's not a silly question?

Typical customer enquiry in Foyles:

Customer: Can you tell me where your books on [insert random subject] are?
Foyles Bod: Who are they published by?
C: Huh?
FB: All of our books are classified by publisher. We find that's easier for
finding a specific book.
C: But I don't know what book I want. I just want to look at all of the
books on [insert random subject] and compare them.
FB: Then you'll have to visit each publisher's section indiviudally.
C (mutters to self): Or I could just go next door to Waterstones.


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