On Thu, Jan 04, 2001 at 01:26:25PM +0000, David Hodgkinson wrote:
> It took me three bookshops on Charing Cross Road to get a perl library
> together for the guys I'm working with, but I managed it without
> having to go into Foyle's. Yeah!
> The bonus was a second edition of Jon Bentley's "Programming
> Pearls". A classic.

Aha, you've left yourself open to pedants here: ...

Is that 2nd edition as in with updates?  Or as in "Reprinted with 
corrections May, 1989"?

If the first, what's the difference?  Is it worth getting it if you've
already got 1.ed?

Also, are you going to get them "More Programming Pearls, Confessions of
a Coder" as well?
Chris Benson

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