At 09:26 AM 4.4.2001 +0100, Dave Cross wrote:
>Wanderering around Charing Cross Road last night I picked up a couple of 
>new Perl books, "Writing CGI Applications with Perl" by Kevin Meltzer & 
>Brent Michalski and "Instant Perl Modules" by Doug Sparling and Frank 

Heh, check out _Perl How to Program_ by P. J. Deitel et al.:

The cover blurb is great: 
"Perl How To Program
  Introducing CGI
    and Python"


According to Amazon:

     Customers who bought titles by P. J. Deitel
    also bought titles by these authors:
·       ·       Bruce Eckel 
·       ·       David Cross 
·       ·       Kevin Meltzer 
·       ·       Martin Brown 
·       ·       Ed Peschko 


Speaking of author David Cross, I'm told that SoftPro books (mostly a tech stuff 
store) in has sold 17 copies of your book over February and March, as 
compared to roughly 3x as many copies of the Camel book. Not bad, considering how many 
Perl books are out there by now. 

Just so's you know.

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