On Thu, Jan 18, 2001 at 08:03:52AM -0500, Mike Jarvis wrote:
> > The fact you are recording is "What Billboard said was number one".
> > is a fact. Why they decided it was number one isn't the issue.
> How about if I put up a website wherein I disclose the fact: "This is what
> the object code to <commercial app> looks like?"

Is this relevant at all?

"The injunction was granted thanks to new European database laws that
essentially assume data to be copyrightable"

Does that mean things like the Billboard charts? They could certainly try
and demonstrate an adverse effect on their revenues from licensing their

"The problem with youth culture and media today is that young people are
given the impression that they actually are doing something, when in fact
they are only needed as participants in a staged marketing event."  -
Wolfgang Tillmans

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