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> Who's chart would you use?  I.E., who do you want to be sued by?  I don't
> know about the UK, but Billboard (THE chart in the US) is very picky about
> such things.

jsut do them as they do to you ...

(or indeed as some guy is doing to the football league right now) publish
a set of web pages for next weeks charts that include all possible
permutations of the current top 20 for NEXT WEEK .. explicitly state they
are copyright and permission is required to reproduce this original work
... then when next weeks top 10 comes out and Billboard publish a top
10 that matches one of your pages sue them blind... remove the all but 1
selected page from the site .. 

alternatively publish it under a GNU licence and then from this day
forward anyone who wants to publish a top 10 can publish a copy of of one
of your pages which being published a week ahead were there first and id
like to see Billboard say otherwise.

a guy is doing this to the football league (who sue people who publish
copies of the fixture lists without paying) .. hes published copies of
every possible combination of fixtures in advance of the draw and thereby
claims copyright on this original work. he then intends to promote a
'selected excerpt' from his original work after the draw, and sue the
football league if they infringe his copyright by publishing an identical
list.   hes obviously mad, but hey .. he might even win :)

Robin Szemeti

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