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> Robin Szemeti [[EMAIL PROTECTED]] quoth:
> *>
> *>no one ever said the buying public were intelligent ...
> Well, people rise to meet expectations too. There is precious little in
> the way of good CGI books with a practical slant to them out there so out
> of the lot of them, this is probably one of the best. The same principle
> applies to Matt's famous archive...lots of people bitching and not much
> else.

Hasnt the Castro book been around almost as long as Matt's Accursed
Archive(tm) ?  I think the thing about the both of them is that they both
fill a particular niche that nobody higher up the food chain can
particularly be both bothered to compete for.  It's all just so, well, '96
really :)

I still think we should get Larry King to promote the Lincoln Stein vs
Matt Wright prize fight.

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