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[Liz Castro's appalling Perl/CGI book]

> I wrote a very scathing review of Castro's book on amazon.com yesterday.
> In case it doesn't get published, here's the gist:
> For a technical book to be worth buying it needs to succeed on two fronts.
> It needs to have accurate and useful information and it also needs to get
> that information across in a manner that is understandable to its target
> audience.
> Castro's book obviously succeeds on the second front. Most of her
> readers go away thinking they can write CGI scripts. This is why she
> gets such good reader reviews. The problem with the book is that she
> fails on the first count. Her Perl is appalling, but because her
> audience are beginners they aren't qualified to cooment on this very
> important part of the book.

Interestingly, I've received an email from Ms Castro in response to my
Amazon review (which was published last night). She's not particularly
happy about it. I won't forward her private correspondance to the list,
but I may well have a copy with me this evening.


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