>However, I don't question the plumber's competence, or indeed pretend to
>anyone including myself that I can do a good job of it.  The same should
>apply to programming.  If I were to try my hand at re-plumbing my kitchen,
> know I'd make a god-awful mess, and I am intelligent enough to not
>attempt it.  The great unwashed should approach programming the same way.

When everyone has permanent net connections, and their network is open to
the world, and they do a bit of configuration/programming that opens up
their system to crackers who have a bit of a play turning off their alarm
system and opening the electronic garage door etc


will they call in a real professional to fix it.

This is analogous to me drilling several holes in my wall to try and put up
a curtain rail, making a complete mess of it, and calling in someone from
the yellow pages who did it in 10 minutes and charged me £30, which is what
I should have done in the first place.

or will they just install Microsoft SafeHouse(TM) which will do it all for

There is definitely money to be made in this area by someone!


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